A delightful moment brought to you by the Web

The Web is wonderful, isn’t it? I am reminded of the power of connectedness every so often, and today’s case is a random email received from a parent of a 9th grade student who is eager to learn about web design and development. So, Megan, this post is for you!

Students often have difficulty figuring out how to get started with web design, and I like to remind them that the process includes two parts: web and design. The former implies technology; the latter implies audience. Design is for others, and an essential part of design is the relationship of color to the message being shared with an audience. The web is open for anyone and everything; design allows for people to cut through the noise and deliver a compelling message.

So, Megan: thanks for reaching out and sharing your message with me. In turn, I’m sharing the links you suggested with others who are eager to learn about design and technology.

I’ve added these two links to my resources page in a special location. Megan, I hope some day you might consider graduate study at Elon University in the Interactive Media program. Heck, by then, maybe you’d be qualified to teach a class yourself! Keep up the great work, and keep making contributions to the community.


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