Code References (HTML/CSS/Javascript)

Mozilla Developer Network

Perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed online reference around! If you have a code-related issue, this should be your first point of reference.

SitePoint Reference

Fantastic language reference that covers HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Indicates browser support for aspects of each language.


One of the more comprehensive resources for code. Caveat emptor: this site tends to give you every option without parsing exactly how the code will function in a given browser.

HTML & CSS Online Courses

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS

A really well done course presented by Shay Howe, a Chicago-based designer and educator. Check out Howe’s advanced course, too! (This one’s in development.)

Don’t Fear the Internet

A basic HTML & CSS course for non-web designers by Jessica Hische & Russ Maschmeyer. The course tackles a lot of the basics through a series of nicely produced videos, and speaks to designers on the level of design rather than strictly through code.

HTML Language Guides

Introduction to HTML

The Mozilla Developer’s Network offers a fantastic set of reference tools that covers the basics of client-side web development. This is their introduction to HTML.

Web History

A Brief History of Markup

This article by Jeremy Keith from A List Apart concisely details the evolution of the web’s primary language: HTML.

Web Typography

Detail in Web Typography…

A great recap of Yves Peters’s presentation at the Ampersand Conference 2012 regarding web typography.

John Tan(gerine)’s typographic experiments

Some really nice experiments related to web typography.

Design Festival’s “Typography 101”

A great primer on the basics of typographic form. See also their “Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Web Typography.”

More principles of typography from Mark Boulton

A really nice guide to better typography, presented in five steps: measurements, punctuation, ligatures, size, and weight.

I ♥ Typography & We ♥ Typography

If you really love typography—and I mean really love it—you will love these two sites. “I” is a blog; “We” is a gallery. Prepare to lose an hour to this site. You’re welcome.

Smashing Magazine’s Typography Blogs listing

Smashing Magazine provides a list of prominent and lovely typography blogs for your perusal.

Nice Web Type

A nice web type blog from the Type Manager for Typekit, Tim Brown.