Student Work

My teaching portfolio features samples of student work culled from my experience at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University – San Marcos, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and the Art Institute of Austin.

Introduction to Digital Media: Final Projects

Course: Introduction to Digital Media, University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2012

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The Introduction to Digital Media course at UT covers media studies-related topics such as copyright, fair use, ownership, production cultures, remix culture, open source software, and other topics emerging from the “new” media space. The course also introduces digital production skills in imaging, graphic design, 2D animation, web scripting, 3D modeling, audio editing and non-linear video editing. This is a selection of projects from the Fall 2012 RTF 319 students.

Mobile App Design Paper Prototyping & Digital Prototyping

Course: Interactive III: Mobile App Design, Texas State University – San Marcos, Fall 2012

Project: Team “Soul Train”
Project: Team “Venture Bros”
Project: Team “Firefly”
Project: Team “Silverpeaks Lodge”
Project: Team “Studio 60”
Project: Team “Three’s Company”

Six teams of students put together paper prototypes of their proposed Apple iOS apps. This process challenged students to concentrate on user interaction and interface structure, taking care not to confuse a user as they figured out what they should be doing on the screen.

After receiving feedback on their apps, the teams crafted digital compositions in Illustrator or Photoshop and created an online prototype using InvisionApp, a wonderful little prototyping tool.

Interactive Nursery Rhyme

Course: Interactive Motion Graphics, Art Institute of Austin, Summer 2012

Project: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Project: “Auto”

The students were asked to design and develop an interactive storytelling project using Adobe Flash. The assignment began on the first day of class and was submitted at midterm. Students selected a nursery rhyme and added interactive components to a motion graphics project to engage a viewer/user in a more immersive experience.

WordPress Project Management: Conspire Theatre Website Redesign

Course: Project Management, Art Institute of Austin, Fall 2011

Website (active)

Conspire Theatre thumbnail

Eight upper level Web Design and Interactive Media students worked with a client to manage a small-scale development project using the WordPress CMS. Students worked on concept, design, development, configuration, documentation, client relations, testing, and delivery tasks. The design team learned the basics of customizing a WordPress installation including custom theming.