I have been teaching college-level media studies, interaction design, and interactive media courses since 2005. In addition to the list of courses I’ve taught, I invite you to check out examples of student work and my teaching philosophy.

Courses Taught

[2013 – Present]

Elon University Interactive Media MA Program

  • Producing Interactive Media [COM 550]
  • Application Development [COM 567]
  • Game Design and Development [COM 575]
  • Interactive Media Capstone [COM 590]

Elon University Department of Communications

  • Creating Multimedia Content [COM 220]
  • Writing for Visual Media [COM 318]


University of Texas at Austin

Texas State University – San Marcos

Interactive I: Introduction to Web Design [ARTC 3307] [Course Description]

Interactive III: Mobile Application Design [ARTC 4309] [Course Description]

[2005 – 2012]

The Art Institutes of Austin & Pittsburgh

Web Design

  • Advanced Web Scripting Languages
  • Fundamentals of the Internet
  • Intermediate Web Scripting
  • User-centered Information Design
  • Web Imaging Techniques

Web Development

  • Database Systems / Designing for Dynamic Websites
  • Design for Server Side Technologies

Interactive Media

  • Interactive Authoring
  • Interactive Motion Graphics
  • Interactive Motion Scripting

Digital Design Foundations

  • Computer Literacy
  • Digital Image Manipulation
  • Fundamentals of Media Communications
  • Introduction to Programming / Programming Logic
  • Presentation and Delivery Technologies
  • Screen Design and Graphics
  • Typography and Layout

Online Advertising

  • E-commerce
  • Online Communications
  • Online Marketing Research
  • Production Planning for Electronic Media
  • Web Marketing

Professional Development

  • Portfolio I / Portfolio II / Interactive Digital Portfolio
  • Project Management