…of note, 2021-05-11

Kumu, Weavr, Sticky Studio…

The Kumu platform has emerged as a wonderful network/node-based visualization tool. They recently introduced sticky.studio to build system maps collaboratively using the ubiquitous “sticky note” made famous by [insert design thinking methodologist here].

We put together a Kumu map of our Coalition for Change network at Elon University. While the initiative itself fell victim to the 2020-21 academic year’s focus on teaching, the map persists. My hope is that someone will pick this up and run with it. Will it be you, Center for Design Thinking?

Inspired by Cory Doctorow…

I have always enjoyed blogging, or at least thinking about blogging. I’m not a prolific writer, but in the spirit of change, I am planning to bring my writing into more public spaces. Cory Doctorow has been blogging for nearly two decades and shared a recent post about how his blogging—contrary to expectations—has increased his productivity. The blog, he argues, is a place where an ongoing dialogue can be established between himself and an interested public. The blog is for him; the sharing is what helps to build momentum and keep things in one place. His is at pluralistic.net.

The blog post becomes the diary entry, the scrapbook, the “commonplace book” as he says in his inspiring post on The Memex Method (alive at Medium). Collecting things has never been my forte, but I do love a good organizational schema. Blogging is a very Web 2.0 thing which has lost its value, and it’s time for a resurrection if not a revolution in blogging.

So, thanks, Cory, for being inspirational. You found someone in your audience who wants to read what you’re collecting.

As another inspirational blogger—Austin Kleon—might say, “Keep going.”